A typical day at Williston is anything but typical. From the first class bell in the morning to the last lights-out in the dorms, students are fully engaged in learning—in classrooms, 艺术工作室, 和宿舍, 还有在运动场上. Here's a peek at one extraordinary ordinary day on the Williston campus.

8:15 AM

现在是早高峰时间,不过是朝好的方向. 学生 crisscross campus paths in packs 和 pairs as they head from dorms to breakfast to English, 世界文明, 和化学实验室. 阳光灿烂. 今天是野猫队的好日子.

8:30 AM

主要的四, where students gather during Orientation for activities organized by class year, has been the heart 和 soul of Williston for decades. A second center of gravity has grown up across campus: the new Residential Quad, flanked by two residence halls—和 one on the way!

9:30 AM

Upper Schoolers know English teacher Matt Sawyer pretty well. 毕竟,先生. Sawyer is the co-director of Williston's unique 九年级计划, which is designed to build lasting friendships 和 help freshmen underst和 what support is available to them. 他们通过奥巴马来解决他们的恐惧. Sawyer on a high-ropes course 和 even kayaked across a river with him. Discussing Sophocles 和 Shakespeare in English class should be no problem!

10:40 AM

并不是所有的学习都发生在教室里. On the Williston campus, some students learn from the foliage. Seventh-grade science students "adopt" trees in the fall, 给它们起个友好的名字(布兰奇, Stewardia, 和Beyoncé只是其中的几个), 收集科学数据. 后来, 在上学校, students return to the trees in statistics class, learning about "normal distribution" by measuring the distance leaves fall from the trees in the Quad.

11:30 AM

在自由时间, 在晚上, 和周末, dorms become a second home 和 proctors like big brothers 和 sisters. Recent renovations to the common rooms in many dormitories make boarding life even better. Two recent dorms have been built to LEED st和ards 和 feature geothermal heating 和 cooling—four seasons of comfort with zero use of fossil fuels.

11:45 AM

Williston has enough musical groups to stage its own battle of the b和s-including Chamber Ensemble, 爵士乐团, 的男性Caterwaulers, 女子Widdigers, 出纳员合唱, 和WildChords. 制作音乐可以是非正式的, like playing the piano in the dorm common room while your friends sing the lyrics. Or it can be intense 和 challenging, like rehearsing for the Fall Instrumental Concert during class.

12:00 PM

午餐是和朋友一起出去玩的时间. A family atmosphere prevails in the Birch Dining Commons, 但这里的氛围既现代又开放, 多亏了最近的翻修. Sunlight pours in from the big windows overlooking the pond 和 Sawyer Field. Teachers 和 students choose their lunches from the hot-food station, 意大利面吧, 的沙拉吧, 还有一直受欢迎的三明治机, 那里总是可以点烤奶酪.

1:15 PM

有时候有人倾听会有帮助. Before a student sets foot on campus they're assigned an advisor—a faculty member who supports them all year. 第一年之后, students can choose a teacher who shares similar interests, 比如摄影或历史. Faculty advisors guide students through course choices that include Independent Study Projects 和 澳门永利最老登录入口学者. Most of all, an advisor is always there to provide support.

3:10 PM

在斯图波普酒吧见, where Willistonians go to get homework done, 拍摄池, 或者在运动前吃点零食. It's also the spot to order the legendary ECB (egg, 奶酪和培根)在百吉饼上, 这是自1996年以来野猫队的最爱.

3:45 PM

The Visual 艺术 Intensive program gives students the time, 再加上资源和方向, 成就大事. 学生 can choose from several media, including studio art, ceramics, 和 photography. Installations by professional artists in the Grubbs Gallery provide ongoing inspiration. And there's always a new way to stay in the arts loop, whether it's through @Williston艺术 on Instagram or the 艺术 Spotlight blog.

4:00 PM

During weekday sports practice on Galbraith Field, the amazing view of Mt. Tom fades away as students focus single-mindedly on learning new skills, 和队友玩得开心, 和, 当然, 把球打进球门. With 60 teams competing in 35 different sports—including skiing, 足球, track, 冰上曲棍球, 游泳, 水球, 高尔夫球, 和 riding—there's a place for athletes at every level.

5:20 PM

打保龄球? 可持续生活俱乐部? 学生多元化委员会? There is no shortage of clubs 和 activities after classes 和 sports end each day. 学生 can find the perfect clubs for themselves at the Activities Fair, 它提供了一个à菜单选项. It’s the perfect time to bust out of the comfort zone 和 try something new—or even gather a few friends to propose your own club.

7:45 PM

卸妆, 服装, 和明亮的灯光, the theater program is all about transformation 和 big ideas. 运动员, 学者, 和 artists become a backstage family of talented actors, 舞台工作人员, 并设置设计师. Last spring's staging of "Crazy for You" had students clicking their tap shoes to Gershwin tunes. This fall's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream,“由学生们建造和表演, gives students a chance to explore the Bard's magical woods.

8:00 PM

When it comes to unwinding after a busy day, students 和 teachers know that the most fun can be found by just being with one another. That’s particularly true during the holidays, when community activities range from pumpkin carving contests on the Quad to spontaneous carol-a-longs around the baby gr和 piano at the Head of School’s house.

8:15 PM

When the sun sets 和 activites wrap up, it’s time to settle in for serious academic time. Williston students know how to get the most out of the two hours of study hall, whether it is heading to the library to browse the stacks, or putting their heads together for a group session in the dorm. 禁止打电话, 游戏, 和其他干扰, these evenings of study hall are synonymous with quiet productivity.


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